Maker Studios, home to 60,000 YouTube Channels, 330 million subscribers, billions of views and a stable of assets that include Blip are restructuring their company with a sharper focus on enhancing consumer experience and advertising opportunities. At the Variety Entertainment & Tech Summit in California, Maker Studios executive chairman Ynon Kreiz confirmed they are organizing the company into four different categories, focusing on men, women, family, and entertainment. The four categories will contain multiple verticals or sub MCNs. Currently, Maker are structured around seven verticals which they aim to expand to at least 20 by early 2014.

They believe that organizing their MCN content partners this way will be of huge benefit when it comes to marketing and viewer discovery. Kreiz told the audience at the summit that the company’s new model adopted that used by cable TV networks such as ESPN and MTV although he made clear that Maker wanted to carve their own path through the industry. He stated that:

We try to stay away from the comparison between what we do and television. What we do is part of a new medium, the same way that television is different from theatrical films and video games is different from video.

There are also plans to expand onto the Xbox and Roku platforms, although YouTube are still their “biggest and most important partner and that will probably remain for a very, very long time”.

The company are also launching a new creator platform, Maker Max, to help creators better manage their YouTube channels.