It’s 2012.  It’s an election year.  And you’re about to hear a whole bunch of nonsense from the candidates, their followers, and people claiming to be experts in the effort to get their guy into the White House.  But just because all of these political figures are spewing general speech that makes us all dumber for having heard it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have some fun with them now and then.  That’s what Maker Studios’ “Caffeinated,” starring comedian John Fugelsang looks to skewer with their channel Polipop.  If we’re going to hear nonsense, it doesn’t hurt to learn something in the process.

Maker Studios’ Polipop Kicks Off New Web Series Caffeinated

Maker is behind huge YouTube stars like Ray William Johnson, KassemG, Nice Peter’s “Epic Rap Battles of History,” and a ton more.  Polipop is being touted as the first “entertainment and politics” network.  The premiere episode of “Caffeinated” premiered this week featuring John Fugelsang, who hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos a couple of seasons in the late 90’s, a part-time VH1 host, and made quite a few appearances on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.  Here, he compares Mitt Romney with Muhammed Ali, and the result is informative and funny:

Polipop’s network also features Baracks Dubs, Bad Lip Reading, animator Mark Fiore, Obama impersonator Alphacat, Drinking with Bob, The Amazing Atheist, How the World Works, Liberal Viewer, The Southern Avenger, and Politico vlogger James Kotecki of Emergency Cheese, to round out a group of 35 channels total.

With so many perspectives and so many entertaining takes on the world of news, Polipop is well-positioned to take advantage of the study that found that YouTube has become a major source for news around the world.  I mean, this video from Alphacat couldn’t be a better campaign ad for Barack Obama:

If only candidates could be so brazen.

Give the Polipop channel a look.  It’s sure to make light of a tough political season.