A few days ago Google caused a sensation, and cost millions of businesses lost productivity, with a little search Easter egg called “Let It Snow.” Typing that exact phrase into the search box caused the page to snow on the results, and you could draw in the “snow” after it fell on the page. And now YouTube is getting in on the snowfall act, allowing viewers to make it snow on YouTube videos with a click of a button.

Make It Snow On YouTube Videos!

I was just checking out videos for tomorrow’s Friday viral video round up when I noticed the white dot on the video player progress bar had been changed into a snowflake:

Then I glanced to the right and saw an entirely new snowflake button in the spot where the “CC” caption button usually resides:

After you let it snow for a while, you’ll see accumulation start to occur:

Oh, and you can move your mouse around over the snow, and the flakes will fly off in random directions… pretty neat.

Now, it appears to be completely random which videos this is happening on–it’s certainly not all of them, though it may be soon enough. I’ve found it on about 20% of the videos I’ve looked at in researching this article.

I love these YouTube tricks–like the one that let you turn the video into a silent film, or the one that added vuvuzelas at the touch of a button. It’s a great way to celebrate the season in an unobtrusive way… and it’s also fun.

If you want to play around with it, here’s the video I was watching when I discovered it (I tested this first, and the snowflake button is working even on the embed):