Tommy Wiseau has become this generation’s type of celebrity: a man who has a cult following for all the wrong reasons, but embraces the attention.  His film The Room makes regular rounds at (often sold out) midnight showings around the country, a movie so uniquely bad that it actually connects in a social way.  Watching the movie by yourself would be sad and dreadful.  Watching the movie with hundreds of other equally disgusted, can’t-believe-I-paid-money-for-this rowdy group of patrons becomes an entirely different experience.  And you can’t wait to start throwing plastic spoons at the screen.

A Bit of Background On Tommy Wiseau

The trailer for The Room has gathered nearly 1.5 million views:

And just this one 7-second piece of a scene, the one everyone quotes when talking about the movie, has hit over 2 million:

The Tommy Wi-Show on Machinima

So it comes as no surprise that Wiseau is now going to find himself on the Machinima channel on YouTube, doing a bizarre video game review show called The Tommy Wi-Show, where he has apparently been kidnapped by aliens.  That sounds like Mystery Science Theater 3000, for video games, and instead of some poor sap getting zapped into space to watch cheesy movies, they’ve got Wiseau, who made the ultimate in MST3K entertainment.  They’re punishing the right kind of guy, here.

The madness begins on Sunday, September 25. Here’s a trailer for the weirdness:

Regardless of whether you find this kind of thing interesting or stupid or whatever, this is the perfect place to launch such a show.  Machinima is all about video games: playing them, reviewing them, and ultimately using them to make movies with your own overdubbed dialogue.  The demographics are perfect, as Wiseau appeals to cult sensibilities.  Even if you don’t like Wiseau, this strange little trailer has to make you curious.  I mean, you want to watch a little bit, right?