Machinima reaches a lot of people.  It’s main channel has 7 million subscribers and over 4 billion views, but since it’s a huge network with many channels, the pace of video watched through Machinima is pretty ridiculous.  Now, they want to start making specialized content overseas.  While Machinima reaches the UK already and collects hundreds of millions of views over there, the content is decidedly American, and so they have decided it’s time to make specifically-tailored content in the UK.  Doing so will only make Machinima even more of a huge player than they are now.

Machinima Invades the UK, And Soon: Beyond

Machinima President Philip DeBevoise told MCV that they are not just expanding to the UK, but many other European territories in the future (France an .  With gamers being their bread & butter, and people who play video games everywhere, new shows geared for a local audience just makes good sense.  Machinima can now pick from a whole bunch of aspiring directors wanting to make video content overseas and fund their projects while housing it under the Machinima banner.

So, you have a decidedly British voice here for a show called, “Surviving Day Z with Jack Frags,” in the insanely popular “play-through” video genre:

And what’s great is if I’m an American and I prefer to watch the UK channel, there’s nothing that’s going to stop me.  That’s the beauty of expansions like these.  With YouTube, you can watch virtually any channel anywhere YouTube can be accessed.  So while the expansion is targeting one group of people, anyone in the world who prefers that channel can try it out and make it their own.