Machinima, one of the top channels on YouTube, just announced they reached over a billion views in the month of November, which is pretty staggering.  Also impressive is that they got 116 million unique visitors last month.  So what is the secret of their success?  Well, they cater to a rabid video game audience, filled with content such as news and reviews, in addition to the whole “machinima” genre of video game storytelling, and recently, blockbuster original content like Dragon Age, Mortal Kombat: Legacy and RCVR.  But there’s no doubt that the sheer volume of content on the channel is a contributing factor.

Machinima’s Billion Views Impressive, Shows The Importance Of Regular Content

If you subscribe to the Machinima channel, then you are greeted with rows upon rows of new content every day you log in to YouTube.  Basically, everything that gets uploaded there feeds off the millions of people who subscribe for various reasons.  The channel has pretty much everything a video game/sci-fi enthusiast could ever want, and they can still skip loads of content in the process.  Machinima has a “throw as much at the screen as possible until it sticks” sort of vibe, which can be daunting for new viewers looking for something in particular.

There’s not really any one specific program on the channel that gets a massive amount of views, it’s just that they have a lot of content that regularly goes over the 10,000 mark and many that go over 100,000.  I don’t want to downplay the billion views thing: the channel caters to its fans and gives them a lot of variety, and have kept them happy by having something to watch every day–every hour even, and Machinima has built its channel through content.  I would just like to reiterate–a lot of content, though.

It’s no guarantee that if you had the ability to churn out shows like Machinima does, you would be as big as them.  But, you increase the likelihood of being watched.  Machinima’s billion views is a testament to uploading quality new content any chance you get.