Machinima, one of the top entertainment multi channels networks on YouTube, with over 2 billion video views and 188 million unique viewers each month, are extending their partnership with social video creation company Poptent for continued access to a network of 65,000 independent filmmakers. With Earned Media an increasingly vital marketing strategy, brands need to find new and effective ways to connect with audiences, and user-generated video content is a fantastic way of doing that. Machinima have already seen solid results from crowdsourcing ideas and creativity from amongst their ranks.

Machinima, with an archive of around 24,000 videos and a subscriber base of 10.1 million, already generates an impressive amount of UGC video content for gaming brands so is no stranger to the power their own network can command. They have already successfully used Poptent’s technology to promote eBay collections within its gaming network, identifying influencers to create 8 videos content that matched eBay’s goals. Those videos generated over three-quarters of a million views and produced a hugely positive response from both viewers and from eBay.

Machinima, the top global video entertainment network for young males, also uses Poptent to help manage its YouTube community and source creative talent from millions of content creators across the world. Nick Pahade, CEO of Poptent said of the deal:

With access to the most coveted demographic in the world and an incredibly talented, tech-savvy audience, Machinima is in a perfect position to leverage creative crowdsourcing to generate new revenue streams. We’re excited about continuing our relationship with Machinima into 2014 and are gratified that their influencer campaigns have received such positive results.