Welcome to another episode of ‘Behind the Reel’ where we interview YouTube superstars Lucas and Jenny. You may be more familiar with Lucas as the guy behind ‘Fred‘, the first YouTube channel to reach two million subscribers. Lucas would later become one of the first YouTube stars to take his videos to television and film, in doing so he won a 2009 Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star. Jenny on the other hand, comes from the world of Disney where she plays Nanny Agatha on ‘Jessie’. Together, the pair of them make comedic videos on YouTube. Their channel has 601,197 subscribers and 32,865,355 views (at time of writing) and they upload a new video twice a week. The content is hilarious and we are thrilled to welcome to Lucas and Jenny to ReelSEO:

That’s it for this episode of ‘Behind The Reel’. A huge thank you to Lucas and Jenny for their time and our viewers for watching.