Today is Valentine’s Day, and like any other holiday or special occasion, YouTube is filled with Valentine’s Day-themed videos, from comedy to food to advice to the absolutely cracked side of love.  I even have a science video in this V-Day roundup.  Whether you’re with your special someone or alone during this day celebrating love, there’s a video especially for you down below.  You can think of it as my Valentine to you, the loyal reader.  We’ve got pranks, music, opinions, art, comedy, food, and even some very stalker-esque type stuff in store.  It’s all in the name of love.

Love These Valentine’s Day 2013 Videos

Let’s start off with Epic Rap Battles, which invites Jenna Marbles along in this classic Valentine’s showdown between Adam and Eve (be warned, there is some bad language):

Mary Doodles always tells great stories through her drawings.  And here, she’s got a number of drawings in store to tell this story of two people, and two creatures, who find love in an oddball way:

What exactly is love, scientifically, anyway?  ASAP Science will explain this to us, and no surprise, love is like a drug:

We have some opinions and advice about Valentine’s from Zoella and her friend Alfie, who claims his love at first sight was when he saw a particular band onstage for the first time:

Zoella crossed over to Alfie’s channel where they discussed more Valentine’s Day:

iJustine also has her take on Valentine’s by answering questions from her adoring fans:

Yep, when you have a loved one you want to show tremendous skills…in the kitchen.  Here’s Laura Vitale preparing a truly yummy Valentine’s Day Meal:

I ran across something called “Valentine’s Day Hershey’s Kiss Cupcakes,” and I immediately thought that this is something everyone should know:

The next two videos will scare you senseless about love…but don’t forget to laugh.  First off, we have a very short, and to the point, poem from wzr0713 that you will never, ever, recite to someone you love.  That is, if you want to keep them:

5-Second Films has a hilariously cracked outlook on Valentine’s Day and love in this compilation video (be warned: lots of bad language, adult themes, innuendo, and so on in this one):

Just because it’s Valentine’s, doesn’t mean pranks and uncomfortable public situations can’t occur.  Here’s the very funny “Awkward Valentines” by LAHWF:

And, yes, the public marriage proposal isn’t even sacred in this Valentine’s Proposal Prank by Prank vs. Prank:

But in the end, don’t ever tell you I didn’t give you a heaping, helping dose of adoreableness, as kids answer questions about Valentine’s Day:

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.