eMarketer released a new report today on Video Content and Syndication: Long-Form Content on the Rise. In it they cite a variety of reasons why video consumption is up, obviously better syndication options being one of them but another was users’ comfort with online video.It used to be that computer monitors weren’t all that large, Internet connections not all that fast and desktop computers not all that powerful. But that has all changed and with it we have bigger, faster, better looking displays and enough Internet pipeline to stream videos. So I don’t know that it’s only the server-side improvements nor comfort levels with video online, I think everything has been pushing toward this and will continue to do so. According to the report:

By 2014, the number of US online video viewers will represent 77% of internet users, according to eMarketer’s forecasts.

eMarketer states that most video online is supported by advertising but doesn’t really state that it’s actual video advertising (I don’t have the full report so I don’t know if they’re counting companion display ads etc). They expect it to continue to grow and so do we. Although, I do have some doubts with recent announcements of tests for premium pay-to-view models emerging at place like Hulu and YouTube, etc. eMarketer agreed and cited the fact that UBS estimated that 77% of US online video revenues would come from paid content in 2012, compared with 23% from ad-supported media.

I still stick to my, give it to us free (with ad support) for a short period of time and then throw it up behind some payment gateway. Those of you in the US will have to tell me if this starts being implemented, I simply get the “this content is not available in your region” message whenever I try to see something.

The report also states that they expect video advertising will grow and reach $5.5 billion in 2014 an almost 400% increase from the $1.5B this year. It could be as much as 15% of all online advertising dollars as well.

The full report, “Video Content and Syndication: Long-Form Content on the Rise,” also answers these key questions:

  • How many people in the US are watching video online?
  • What are the demographic patterns of the online video audience?
  • How is the content mix shifting, and what factors are driving this shift?
  • How is video content syndicated online?
  • How are monetization models changing?

According to comScore, the first is about 177 million people in the US (from last month’s numbers). The demographic pattern was also recently addressed in a report by eMarketer which found that under 18s consumed the most video (both links go to previous articles here at ReelSEO). The others I don’t know the answers to, so go check out the report.