Wow! Logitech announced they will take 60% off the price of their Google TV Logitech Revue units because more people are returning the units than buying them more retailers/wholesalers are returning units to Logitech than units are selling it seems. Does that spell the end of the line for the Revue and Google TV or is this just one massive bump in the road?
Here’s the clarification on the previous point:

When Logitech’s Q1 financial results were reported last week, we stated that returns for Logitech Revue were greater than sales. Some people thought this meant that there were more consumers returning their Logitech Revue products in Q1 than were purchasing the product. This is simply not the case. Remember that Logitech sells mostly to distributors and retailers, not consumers. Since we introduced Logitech Revue in October 2010, consumer returns for the product have averaged at levels comparable to other Logitech products. (those numbers are not publicly available)

Customers are quoted as saying that the device was too complicated and simply didn’t have enough content. Considering that much of what can be done on it can also be done on most game consoles, I’m not exactly sure why anyone would need one. Mark loves his, but he’s not a gamer and so has no console or other device. So for him, and those like him, it makes sense.

For anyone that has an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 (and perhaps even a Nintendo Wii) it might not be such an appealing product. However, I do believe that since the unit is now just $99, TechnoDad (my father) might pick one up just to play around with it.

Now, in an effort to boost sales, the Revue is just one-third of the price it started the year at, according to Logitech. What it really sounds like is one of two things: a throwing in of the proverbial towel, or, a way to clear out inventory for Revue 2.0.

It’s doubtful that this is the final round in the connected TV battle, after all, Sony is already on board to use Google TV in its Smart TVs.

I am not ready to say that Google and Logitech are done here. After all, there are some people who love the devices and have a use for them. Those early adopters, like Mark, have a need and the unit fills a niche. Others, like those with an Xbox 360 with Kinect (and Bing) don’t really need it since it’s got web as well as Hulu, Netflix and Zune. Same goes for those with a PS3 which has Hulu, Netflix, Qriocity and the Playstation Network store along with a Blu-Ray in it and a web browser.

The major difference between those items and Google TV is that the latter is made to watch and surf at the same time while the others are not. That’s the truly useful feature if you ask me. Often I will watch something and want to share on Facebook (Hulu has a great implementation right in the page) but I don’t want to leave the content I’m watching.

Come to think of it, with TechnoDad’s new mega media PC, he doesn’t even need a device like Revue anymore. Too little too late, methinks now. Logitech might need to focus on the remotes for those connected-TVs now.