Logitech (& Google) scored a viral hit with their Logitech Revue/Google TV commercial back in December of 2010. It starred Kevin Bacon as Ivan Cobenk–the world’s biggest Kevin Bacon fan (Ivan Cobenk is actually an anagram of Kevin Bacon). The humor was spot on, and Bacon’s ability to make fun of himself was laudable–they even managed to show off some of the Google TV’s coolest tricks. And now Ivan Cobenk is back… and he’s authoring YouTube blog posts.

In Ivan’s reality, the Logitech commercial actually used footage from his own personally-created documentary about Kevin Bacon fandom. So now he’s letting us know that the entire documentary is finished, and online for your viewing enjoyment.

And you’re going to enjoy it (unlike most real documentaries, it’s only 3 1/2 minutes):

Earlier in the week, I praised Old Spice for taking their Old Spice Man commercial concept and putting a new spin on it by releasing a making-of video. And I have to praise Logitech for doing essentially the same thing here. Granted, this isn’t a “behind the scenes” or “making of” video. But it still takes the concept and star of a previous viral hit and pulls back the curtain a bit more–it’s even called the “extended cut.” So the same way that Hollywood is able to sell you the same DVD twice by rereleasing it as an “extended cut,” Logitech ought to be able to strike viral gold twice.

The entire YouTube blog post is written in Ivan Cobenk’s voice. They even do that thing they do at the end of all YouTube blog posts, by telling you what video the author watched most recently; naturally, in this case, it was a Kevin Bacon-related clip. He even has his own Facebook page, for Pete’s sake. Now that’s commitment to a bit.

The ad does so many things right. It’s hilarious. It has a major star in it. It showcases actual product demonstration without sacrificing any of the entertainment value to the viewer. And they just went for it… all out… pulling no punches–that goes for Kevin, who seems to really enjoy tweaking his own image, and for the brands.

It’s the sweet spot of online advertising: they managed to make me want to buy their product, but not care that I was being marketed to because I was too busy being entertained.