Back in November, we caught up with Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager for Microsoft’s Live Search at the PubCon 2008 conference in Las Vegas.  In this interview, Jeremiah talks about some recent enhancements to Microsoft’s live video search product and offers some good advice to video content owners looking to make sure that their videos are crawled and indexed by Microsoft Live Video Search.  One of the benefits of optimizing video content on your own websites is search engines like Live search will drive traffic back to your site.  Jeremiah talks about this advantage and tells content owners how to get videos into Live search.

Previous to the interview, Jeremiah gave me a great tip for “hosted” video SEO when it pertains to live video search.  The tip confirms something I put into my “Website Video SEO” presentation. Namely, I mentioned in my presentation that Google’s launch of video XML sitemaps may be something that other major search engines adopt, as they did with website XML sitemaps a few years back.  Jeremiah mentioned that in addition to submitting an MRSS feed to MSN Live, he recommends that you put into your robots.txt, a reference to your video XML sitemap.   The indication here, of course, is that Live will use that sitemap to index your video content.  Great tip.  Thank you Jeremiah for your time and great advice.