Vilniaus_City_HallJeremy’s Reel SEO Article Checklist:

  1. Is the topic related to online video? ✔
  2. Is there a viral component? ✔
  3. Is author’s mind blown? ✔

Seeing as all three of my personal prerequisite conditions are met for a “Go” article, I figured I’d better tell you about this story.

Sony Ericsson was looking for a way to hype the release of their new Satio, Aino, & Yari mobile products, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that they definitely hired the right team in Publicum Media.  The promotion was based in Lithuania—hey, not all viral successes have to be American or British in origin—and the Vilnius City Hall building became the centerpiece.

Publicum put together a complete viral package, including Facebook elements as well as contests for  user-submitted artwork.  Those pieces were the lead-up to the big finale—a 3D short film, named ” projected on the front facade of the City Hall building.

It’s pretty easy for me to just say the words “3D short film,” but you can probably guess that there was a ton of work that went into it.  First, they had to create an intricate digital 3D model of the building.  Then, they developed a branded storyline for the film—Sony’s current ad stars, the “Space Hoppers” supposedly live inside the City Hall, coming out to play whenever the human workers leave for the day.  Finally, they had to promote the event to get an audience for this unique presentation—they succeeded in that goal, drawing over 10,000 people out to the City Hall square for the event.

Words are going to begin failing me here if I don’t just show you the end result so you can see for yourself.  Personally, I’ve never seen anything like this, and it’s quite beautiful to behold:

There are countless user photos and user-submitted videos of the event online—always one of the best gauges of a viral campaign’s success.

It’s easy to be so impressed by the actual presentation of the 3D film itself that we could lose sight of all the other elements that were done right.  The inclusion of a sort of “soft launch” of the campaign, the social media aspects, the user-generated content, and the public forum all helped to make this a viral success.

But at the end of the day, what makes this work is the wow factor.  I don’t care if you’re in Lithuania or Timbucktoo… if your viral video makes people say, “I have never seen anything like that in my life,” then you’ve already won the battle.

I don’t know a lot about Sony Ericsson’s Lithuanian business plan.  I’m woefully uneducated about the three phone models this campaign is designed to boost, and I know nothing about 3D film projection.  But I can guarantee you that I will forever remember Sony Ericsson as the company that projected a 3D film with gorgeous imagery on the front of a building.  And that’s probably the exact goal of a branding-based viral campaign such as this.