LinkedIn is doing some interesting online video marketing.  The most recent videos, in particular, are very well produced, high-quality videos.  They even have a cool intro with their logo animated.  Not sure about the choice for thumbnail ;-)

Their most recent video is an interview with Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a professor at Stanford University who specializes in stress physiology.  In the video, Robert talks about stress, the dangers or stress, and ways to combat stress.  Robert also talks about how professionals in the workplace require recognition to reduce to help reduce anxiety.  That then directly relates back in to LinkedIn’s recommendation tool.  Brilliant!  In addition, the video and other marketing efforts help to cross-promote and National Geographic’s new special with Robert that airs tomorrow night on PBS.  It is titled, “Stress: Portrait of a Killer.”

Linkedin has their own official Youtube channel that features video interviews with key team members from their product and engineering teams, product demos, and other related videos.  I wonder what they could do by integrating video into their professional network…

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