Life In A Day, the documentary from Kevin Macdonald, Ridley Scott, and thousands of amateur filmmakers–otherwise known as “the YouTube movie”–is coming to a movie theater near you this summer. Before that time, though, the producers are asking the YouTube crowd for help one more time–this time with promoting the film. 

Request A Screening Of Life In A Day

On July 24, before the film’s official premiere, there will be a series of sneak-peek screenings in cities across the U.S. If you want your city to host one, you can let YouTube know by heading over to the Life In A Day page and filling out this form:

The cities with the most interest will then be awarded screenings–before the film’s actual release.

Life In A Day Trailer Remixer

The producers are also seeking viewer assistance in creating their own trailers for the film. Since the movie is comprised of the work of hundreds of filmmakers, there are endless ways to create a trailer from the footage.

So in an awesome new promotion, YouTube has created the Life In A Day Trailer Remixer. It takes advantage of YouTube’s basic built-in editor to let users like you and me put together our own vision for the film’s trailer:

Fan-created trailers will then be added to the Life In A Day Channel for all to see and enjoy, and National Geographic (the film’s distributor) will choose some of the best to play before the sneak-peek preview screenings.

For inspiration, here’s the film’s official trailer:

Life In A Day is an excellent film, and a remarkable achievement for Scott, Macdonald, YouTube, and the amateur filmmakers who participated. I reviewed the film back during the Sundance Film Festival, and was very surprised at how powerful and poignant it was. It rises above its own experimental status to become a truly great film.

If you have any interest, why not request a screening or even create your own trailer? At the very least, make plans to see “the YouTube movie” when it opens in theaters later this summer… you won’t be disappointed.