Just a quick post to share something I think a lot of you will enjoy. From time to time I come across online video ads that are just too clever to not share. This is one of those times, with one of the most creative ads I’ve seen in ages. It’s from LG, and it would be an injustice for me to say anything more about the ad without giving you a chance to see it unspoiled. So take a look, and I’ll meet you on the other side for some quick praise and discussion on the ad. Enjoy:

It’s likely this will be cut to run on television as well, but probably not a 1-minute-long version… that one’s for the web. And it’s incredible for a bunch of reasons, many of which we can apply to our own efforts:

  • It grabs and holds your attention. The “security-cam” footage is very well done, and authentic enough to keep audiences watching to see what happens.
  • It demonstrates the product’s main selling point in memorable fashion. You want a slim TV? Beat this.
  • It doesn’t hammer you over the head with branding. It’s clearly an ad… and anyone in the YouTube comments who thinks it’s a real security-cam video is just wrong. But I’m pretty impressed with the restraint shown by LG in this instance. Their logo and message are clearly visible in the final seconds of the video, but not obtrusive. In fact, the placement is specifically designed to lend even more authenticity to the video–most electronics stores would have signs like that in their window.

That’s all… just wanted to share an amazing ad with you. Big things still come in small packages… and LG scored a big hit here, I’m willing to bet, and they did it with a simple and inexpensive video concept.