I think that we can now officially claim the time of the connected TV is upon us. Even Lenovo is now getting into it. I guess they weren’t satisfied with simply passing Dell as second largest PC maker now they want to start busting in on companies like LG, Sony and Samsung. Sure, why not? It’s all big computerized displays anyway, right?

Remember when Lenovo was just that company you didn’t know about that picked up the IBM Thinkpad business? Yep, that’s still them. From the sounds of it they’ll be ready to launch the Lenovo LeTV early next year. That means I will see it at CES and report back to you on it. Seems they are looking to do direct-to-consumer video-on-demand through the units.

But it seems that Lenovo might have a better approach than some others. It seems their service will allow for content sharing across devices. Well that’s not really all that new. They are set to offer 200GB per account though. That could be a good deal of content you no longer need to store locally.

They’ve also announced a new LePhone S2, the LePad S2 and er, damn, no LeToaster. Well, even if there was it would probably only be in China, like the current LePhone.

Does this mean that China will be the next big Internet TV market that everyone will be scrambling to get into? Lenovo is on their home turf there and that accounts for the majority of their revenue. So it seems that if you want to penetrate that market soon, you’ll probably have to deal with Lenovo.