LeanIn, which I have mentioned a few times in recent weeks, is seeing a rise in adoption of its service. What is LeanIn you ask? LeanIn is a revolutionary new way for viewers of TV and online video to interact with and discover content that is relevant to them. It incorporates all of the latest advancements in social networking and gaming and deliver them to viewers right inside the video player. But What does that mean?

What is means is that it gives social interaction and networking capabilities to almost any video. It also means that people can comment directly on a section of the video and users can then find the interesting stuff in the video without sitting through all the boring bits. The technology also supports in-stream advertising, gives users faster access to more interesting parts of videos by recommendations and comments from friends, allows viewers to see what their friends are watching and commenting on and even maintain a social profile of all their viewing and commenting for others to see. Viewers can also interact with the comments already on a video they are watching by responding or liking them and the information can even be pushed out to Facebook.

The technology could certainly mean shorter viewing times but more content viewed as it could lead to faster content discovery and the viewers would be more satisfied as that content would be more interesting to them.

The technology is proving interesting to publishers as two big online video publishers have begun implementation. Sorry, I’m not at liberty to divulge who they are at present…

LeanIn states that it will make content “sticky” as they will bring users to the interesting sections of video content to interact with others. I could see that as bringing them back to the same clip over and over if there was some discussion going on, but then again, that could be done just as easily on Facebook since your friends list might be the same.

What I really think might be key for LeanIn is their ability to direct viewers right to something of interest. Instead of sitting through 2 minutes of video to get to the one thing that interests you, a friend’s comment of “whoa that’s cool!” or “A flying saucer!” would lead you right to that time in the video, saving you time in the long run. That could then also equate to people being more likely to follow links and watch pieces of shared videos because they would no longer be required to sit through a whole video to get to the good stuff.

You might think of it like big virtual arrows, like on a map, that say “Something cool here” which them allows the viewer to jump into the video, see what their friends thought was cool, maybe drop a comment and then jump out, all in less time than it would take them to watch the whole video.

That might then turn into loads more videos being discovered by those viewers in much less time.

Now just because they’re watching particularly cool scenes doesn’t mean that they won’t watch the whole thing. You might think of LeanIn like a gateway drug to your content. The potential viewer can get an immediate buzz or high which might then make them more likely to continue use. Sure, that’s not a totally politically correct analogy, but in this world today, who is to say what is politically correct?

We’ll be keeping an eye on LeanIn and expect some big announcements from them soon. In the meantime check out the LeanIn Demo page and if you want to keep up with all the latest follow them on Twitter @leanedin.