For many, Labor Day means a day off from work and a chance to do all those last minute summer activities before Fall takes a hold. A national holiday since 1882, it’s the nation’s way of paying tribute to the working men and women who underpin the economy and keep the wheels of the (service) industry turning. Always held on the first Monday of September, it’s America’s equivalent of May Day and celebrates the 8 hour working day and the 5 day working week. We take a look at some of the history behind Labor Day and bring you some of our favourite videos about what many of us get up to.

The History Bit: What Is Labor Day Anyway?

Before telecommuting and 24/7 opening hours, most working people knew that Labor Day meant a day off from work. It was a day that acknowledged the contribution of the workers to society and their right to earn a fair wage for a fair day’s work. The introduction of the 1916 Adamson Act codified the 8 hour working day – leaving 8 hours for recreation and 8 hours for sleep.

The Washington Post remind us of the origins of Labor Day and the current state of the unions.

TedEd bring us the facts behind the U.S. and Canadian national holiday.

The History Channel bring us footage and commentary from an earlier age. Soundbite heavy but absolutely fascinating nevertheless.

Labor Day Picnics, BBQs And Other Foodie Traditions

Labor Day is the unofficial last day of summer and the last chance that many extended families get to share with each other until Thanksgiving. Food, the preparing and eating of, plays a huge role in these get togethers and picnics are a firm favorite of many on this national holiday. Here we see how it all goes a bit wrong for one family…..

Labor Day Parades

You can keep your floats and giant inflatables. No parade gets better than this one from the Litchfield Fire Truck Dept. I feel like a 5 year old again every time I watch it.

The Last Camping Trip Of The Summer

Ahhh, Rhett & Link, what would we do without you. Here they take us through the concept of camping in conjunction with the South Carolina Manhood Network. They truly understand that every man likes to leave behind the troubles of life, “whether that be a woman, children, a job or some awful combination of the three”. Look out for the off road commode.

Fireworks Displays 

OK, so I know that nearly everyone in the world has seen this video and it’s hideously sweary but the ‘Jesus’ counter is inspired. Stay safe kids.

Last Day Of Summer, Beginning Of Fall

The Onion reminds us just how dangerously mild and temperate the Autumn weather can be. They warn of perilous conditions for drivers from duckponds and squirrels and their essential ‘Autumn Survivial Checklist’ urges us to check on our elderly relatives, in case they’ve made scrummy pies for us to eat.

Happy Labor Day from the team at ReelSEO!