Kittens and bacon. Bacon and kittens. Are there any other pop culture icons that capture the zeitgeist more perfectly? It’s a rare day when your Facebook, Reddit or Twitter feed doesn’t include one or the other, but do they really have the viral reach we assume they do? According to a wondrous new infographic by the team at Marketo, we can see that yes, yes they do.

There are over 30 Million searches on the keyword ‘cat’ via Google each month, 673,000 searches for the key phrase ‘cat video’ and 368,000 for the words ‘funny cat’. Fewer users are searching for ‘bacon’ but it’s still a significant amount, particularly enquiries for ‘bacon recipes’. What does that tell us? The demand for content based around these topics is huge and if your video, blog post or gif goes viral and gets to (and stays on) the front page of the world’s biggest search engine then, my friend, you have hit internet gold.

cat videos vs bacon video

‘Cat’ videos reign supreme on YouTube (the search term ‘cat’ returns 42 Million results) and, surprisingly, Reddit but ‘Bacon’ holds its own on Facebook.

cat vs bacon social media

So how do marketers use that to their advantage? By building their campaign around cats with opposable thumbs, Cravendale Milk saw an 8% increase in sales and a 10% increase in brand awareness. Their first video in the campaign currently has 7,116,935 views. Cats are the animal most likely to go viral online so incorporating them into a marketing campaign – in a genuine, authentic way – could help push those shares and views.

leveraging cat videos

Here’s the Full Glorious Infographic