Hello, all.  Time for another look into the wide world of video this week.  It looks like kids were doing all sorts of cute things for the camera and I endeavored to round them all up into this package we call Fun Video Friday.  But kids weren’t the only ones that were subject to great content.  Did you know tacos can cure most things?  Yeah, just take a look below.  And there’s a magic trick where guys can totally kiss strange girls: all they need is a deck of cards.  Who knew?  Also: tons of fun learning videos that will make you feel immediately smarter.

Fun Video Friday, March 29

When I was 6, I probably couldn’t do very much.  I think I knew how to read and destroy things.  Avery Molek, a 6-year-old drummer, can shred drums on Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher:”

Try not to feel extremely full of joy and envious of this 5-year-old girl playing with 14 German Shepherds:

Kids apparently have all sorts of skills these days.  Watch this 2-year-old “Bedtime Bandit” break into his sister’s room to steal a toy:

This hilarious video from Matthew Hussey has kids talking about the usual problems in the world of dating:

This baby giraffe trying to stand might be the cutest thing you see all day:

This band, Recorders, did their song “Purple & Gold” where humans have dog heads .  It’s really funny:

Here’s a nice feat of video ingenuity as Alaa Wardi replicates himself into a huge band all in one shot for a song called “Risala Ela:”

This might be the funniest thing you see today.  Pleated Jeans’ “Ask Your Doctor About Tacos:”

If that was the funniest, this might be a close second.  Sometimes you don’t have any cash or change to spare when a homeless person asks.  Not a problem, apparently, according to this video from John Elerick, or “ooJLEoo:”

There wasn’t much fanfare when defensive tackle Anthony Adams retired.  So he made his own video announcing his retirement, focusing on that lack of fanfare, and it’s great:

Guys, if you want to meet girls, follow this guy’s lead.  Stuart Edge pulls off two amazing feats in the “Magic Kissing Card Trick:” the card trick, and the fact that it requires kissing the girl.

Check out this amazing, looky-what-we-have-here shot that Agnieszka Radwanska pulls off at the Sony Open:

Buzzfeed took a post from “wiseGEEK” and made a video asking, “What Does 2000 Calories Look Like?”

Mental Floss and John Green is back with facts you may not have known about U.S. Presidents:

ASAP Science asks, “Why Do We Get Goosebumps?”

Fotograf Goran Strand of Sweden shoots a 360 panorama look at the Aurora Borealis from March 17:

Veritasium looks at the history, the evolution, and the problem of the kilogram, complete with the “Roundest Object on Earth:”

VSauce asks, “Why Do We Play Games?”

As always, have a terrific Friday.