ComScore has come out with their July 2013 Online Video Rankings.  Not much changed from last month.  There were slight increases in the total amount of videos viewed, minutes-per-viewer, and overall unique viewers.  For the first time since early in the year, the sheer number of ads we saw dropped, but ads actually reached more of the population overall.

So not much change going on here, but let’s see if we can find anything worth noting.  ComScore themselves took away three points:

  • 86.6 percent of people on the internet watched online video.
  • The average watch time per video was 5.2 minutes, while the average ad was 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads accounted for 28.8 percent of all video watching, and 2.8 percent of all minutes watched online.

ComScore’s July 2013 Online Video Rankings

Our top video sites are again led by “Google Sites” which is mostly YouTube of course.  The entire top 10 stayed exactly in the same spots as they did in June.  Google saw a fairly significant increase in total videos viewed, a little over a billion more than last month.  It goes to show how huge their video property is, when they measure their increases in billions and the other sites haven’t even reached a billion video views total.
comscore july 2013 properties

Ads have been exploding all year.  Consider: we were at 9 billion at the end of January, and as high as 20 billion last month.  We’re still at a staggering 19 billion after July.  This list is somewhat the same, as Brightroll,, and Liverail all switched places, and NDN took over the 9th spot that was held by AOL last month.  But, AOL just bought, so it will be interesting to see if there is much change there this month.  Hulu continues to serve more ads than anyone, while reaching less population than their counterparts.

comscore july 2013 ads

The only change among the networks is that Sony BMG took the place of E! at the 10th spot.  Maker and Machinima saw some nice increases in their minutes-per-viewer stats.

comscore july 2013 mcn