Machinima and John Woo have teamed to adapt Woo’s graphic novel, 7 Brothers, into a web series.  The first four episodes will be exclusively on Machinima, YouTube’s top channel.  Written by Garth Ennis (Preacher) and drawn by Jeevan J. Kang (Spider-Man: India), the series is produced in association with Liquid Comics and Tiger Hill Entertainment.  John Woo, best known for his slam-bang Hong Kong action films Hard-Boiled and The Killer, and here in the U.S. with Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2, created the graphic novel and its sequel back in 2006-2007.

7 Brothers, The John Woo Web Series On Machinima

The first episode serves as a cold introduction and has a lot of salty language (you’ve been warned):

It’s got a minimalist animation style, to keep in tune with the comic book presentation.  The story arc concerns 600-year-old Chinese fleets that discovered all the major continents before other explorers stole the credit, and how those voyages led to the creating of an evil Chinese sorcerer.  The 13-episode series will concern a group of 7 “brothers” who are very rough around the edges who team together to fight this powerful evil force.

I’ll let Gotham Chopra, founder of Liquid Comics, talk the series up (from the Hollywood Reporter article):

Seven Brothers is a fusion of mythology and edge that only an icon like John Woo and the brilliant creative team behind Seven Brothers could pull off. It exemplifies how the best mythologies constantly transform and re-invent themselves when filtered through the imaginations of great artists.

Machinima has been nabbing high-profile content all year, and we’ve seen the results with RCVR and Dragon Age: Redemption.  They’ve helped ramp up the quality bar for online video to something that rivals television.