If you have any kind of social media account, or indeed any kind of internet access, you’ll have probably at least heard of the “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches On Fire” video which has amassed (at time of writing) 9,554,211 views and 16,870 comments since being uploaded on the 3rd September. In case you haven’t, we’ve included it below for your pleasure below but it’s the really the simple tale of girl who makes a ‘twerking’ video for her boyfriend and catches fire while doing so. Perfect viral material while it lasted which many of us expected it not to.

But, it turns out that it wasn’t so simple and there was a very definite plan behind the creation and distribution of the fake footage – from none other than comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel revealed the hoax when he interviewed ‘star’ of the original, stuntwoman Daphne Avalon on his ABC show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ earlier tonight. Let’s take a look at what everyone has been talking about:

The video was shot well before Miley Cyrus’s recent antics at the 2013 VMAs but with the phrase trending so widely, it certainly would have helped with the discovery and the sharing that the video has received in the past few days. Kimmel himself says that they didn’t send it to any TV station, they didn’t tweet it, they “just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen.” Of the prank, the comedian said “hopefully, that will end twerking forever…it’s a good thing there’s nothing happening in Syria right now.”

I have a feeling that we are about to see a video about a viral video go viral itself. It’s kind of fun watching the internet eat itself…..props to Kimmel.