Jimmy Fallon has embraced YouTube with a passion, and as he settles down into the relatively newly installed host’s chair at ‘The Tonight Show’, it doesn’t look like that is subsiding any time soon. Not only is he the king of late-night chat (pre-Colbert?) but he’s also pretty popular on YouTube and he wants to say a big thank you to his 3 million subscribers. By video, of course.

Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ channel has (at time of writing) 3,005,880 subscribers and 683,423,553 views. Clips from the TV show are uploaded within a few hours of broadcast and will often go viral themselves, generating more views for the full-length episodes on NBC. Recent viral successes have included Fallon & Anne Hathaway’s Broadway interpretations of Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent songs, and Kevin Bacon’s spectacular Footloose entrance.


Figures from March 2014 confirmed that Fallon was engaging with viewers online way more than his rivals. The top ten most viewed Tonight Show clips on YouTube for February 17th to March 17th attracted more than 2 million views. Only five of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show clips have ever been watched more than 1 million times on YouTube.