Could there be anything more popular on YouTube than how-to videos, especially cooking?  YouTube’s On The Rise winner for May is Jakatak69, and his Cooking With Jack channel features over 200 videos and over 7 million views with nearly 30,000 subscribers.  So it looks like after a few years of posting videos, he’s getting some due recognition.  Cooking With Jack features step-by-step cooking instructions and product reviews, all delivered from an average, ordinary, everyday dude, and his fans have given back by voting him as May’s winner.

A Look At Cooking With Jack

Jack started making videos to promote his barbecue sauce.  So, he went the route that we often advise small businesses to take when trying to get into the world of video: he had a product, but he created something useful and entertaining to promote the product rather than just making an advertisement.

Jakatak69 put out this video to celebrate his win:

So here’s a shameless roundup of Jakatak69’s top videos, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be craving all of this food and wanting to put these tips into action immediately.

Especially when it’s pulled pork sandwiches:

And another one of his delicious treats would be ripping off Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits:

He’s also reviewed products.  Here’s one for the Big Boss Grill:

Although, for almost every review video I’ve seen, I’ve seen commenters in an outcry over his findings.  I guess that goes with the territory.

Here’s what Jack told YouTube when he won:

I want to first say thanks to YouTube… I am grateful for all the tools you have provided to help me grow my channel to what it is today. There are training videos, playbook videos, creator hangouts, city wide meetups, partnership support, video editing tools, bulletin systems to reach all your subscribers in just one click and so much more. The best part is that all of these YouTube tools are free. I am excited to be apart of a food category that is just about to explode on YouTube. You have inspired me to reach out and collaborate with other YouTube artists. Working together is more important than you think. So reach out to someone, build good content and broadcast yourself. And always remember YouTube is the new TV. God Bless and please subscribe to the COOKING WITH JACK SHOW.

Check him out!