Welcome to another episode of ‘Behind the Reel’, a show that takes a ‘reel’ look behind the personalities that are shaping online video for a new generation. This week, we have bring you our last of our interviews from Playlist Live, this time with Kevin from the YouTube channel “iSekC“. Kevin made his first YouTube channel in 2006 but has seen a dramatic rise in his popularity since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. He planned a series of videos around the release of GTA 5 on his XpertThief channel, capitalizing on its hype and success, and now regularly posts to separate vlog, comedy and gaming channels that have over 1 million subscribers and over 330 million video views combined. Please give a warm welcome to Kevin, the leader of the iSekC Army.

‘iSekC’: Lives to Make You Laugh

ReelSEO: What are your top tips for video marketers and content creators on YouTube?

iSekC: You need to be creative AND consistent! You can be creative, but there’s no point in putting out one video per month because that isn’t going to build your audience. Being creative and having a consistent posting schedule gives you a much better chance of building your subscriber base. Although, being creative does trump consistency. Back in the day I didn’t have a regular schedule at all.

That’s it for this episode of ‘Behind The Reel’. A huge thank you to Kevin for his time and our viewers for watching. You can subscribe to the iSekC YouTube Channel below: