Remember that time way back when I talked about Soviet Montage and their really cool (and somewhat super secret process) HDR video? Well they’re back at it. Or at least Alaric Cole is with a new app for the iPhone called Flare which is the first iPhone app for HDR video.

I know right!? You’re fumbling with your iPhone 4 right now trying to get to the iTunes App Store and download that aren’t you?

No? Alright then, check out these videos.

and this one:

NOW, you’re fumbling with your iPhone… aren’t you? Well, that’s really all I’ve got. The Flare app is quite cool and could really add some, er, flare to your next video or even just a clip that you work into a larger video piece. Oh, it’s also half off right now, for a limited time, so it’s a good time to pick it up.

Obviously, it’s not full on HDR as it’s a software algorithm that is extrapolating the data in some fashion. What I imagine it is doing is every other frame is done with different settings and they are them combined to form the HDR frames for the video. That’s really the only way I can see it being done since there’s only one camera and the original project was a pair of cameras.