Apple reportedly sold 9 Million of their 5s and 5c handsets in their release week, with the 5s selling out completely in many places. One of the best features of the 5s is the slow motion video camera with its ability to capture 120 frames per second which gives playback at a quarter of its captured speed. It’s not really a slow motion camera of course; the average online video is displayed at 30 frames a second, the new iPhone 5s camera captures four times that amount of footage so when it plays back at 1/4 of the speed it just appears slow motion. Still, a very cool and super fun addition to the new iPhone.

Apple’s inbuilt ‘Slo Mo’ tool will allow the user to easily upload their video content to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook but uploads to other third party sites like Instagram don’t work quite as well. You can post but it will be the original 120 frames per second clip, not your carefully crafted slow mo masterpiece. However, there are a couple of hacks and it’s a H/T to MacWorld for the following advice and image.

Upload Slow Motion Video To Instagram Via Your Own iPhone 5s

Open the video clip you want to upload and ensure that the slo mo settings are exactly as you want them to be. Tap the ‘Share’ sheet, then tap ‘Mail’. clip will automatically compress and and attach itself to an email message which you send to yourself. When received, tap the video to download it and then save by tapping the ‘Share’ button and then ‘Save Video’. This will work fine but it will compress your video clip so be aware that they may be a slight loss of quality.


 Upload Slow Motion Video To Instagram Using Another iPhone 5s

The alternative is to export your slo mo video to another iOS device via the iMessage, Shared Stream or AirDrop features you have installed on the 5s. At the moment, this only keeps the integrity of the recording intact if it is sent to another iOS device. Just use the ‘Share’ sheet to export your clip and upload to Instagram from the second device.

Pretty sure Apple are going to address this issue on the next upgrade. Meanwhile, watch out for the slew of helpful apps that are bound to hit the market in the meantime.

5s Slow Motion Video In Action

We’ve found some fantastic examples of the slow motion feature already posted to YouTube including the inevitable ‘lets cover it in peanut butter and then set it on fire’ one.

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