The iPad debuted to much fanfare over the weekend.  You may remember my somewhat controversial remarks about the device when it was announced.  Well, clearly there are many consumers less skeptical than I.  Over 300,000 units were sold on opening day (more than the iPhone’s opening day), according to Apple, and over a million apps have already been downloaded (though mostly just the free apps so far).

Steve Jobs himself even popped into an Apple store to check out the launch-day festivities.

Apple is a unique kind of company—the kind that can launch a new product and dominate the news cycle on the basis of the launch alone (meaning, aside from the actual product sales or reviews).  With such a huge cultural impact, it’s only natural that a steady stream of videos related to the iPad would follow.  And it has.

The guys at Blendtec have already put the iPad through their own internal “testing,” and have found that, yes… the iPad will indeed blend:

This isn’t even anything new.  Heck, Tosh 2.0 destroyed an iPad nearly two months ago… with a golf club:

I can’t imagine being an Apple fanboy who waited in line for an iPad only to be told they were sold out, who now has to endure the viral wave of videos intentionally breaking the thing you wanted most.  Thankfully, I’m not an Apple fanboy.

They may have sold 300,000 of these things in one day, but I’m betting they didn’t sell very many to people who write or create video for a living.

You also have the “hands-on” or “unboxing” videos sprouting up, where early adopters post film of themselves tinkering with the new gadget:

Oh, you can jailbreak your iPad if you pay close enough attention to this video:

Don’t forget the odd iPad videos that are showing up too, like Steve Wozniak doing magic while he waits in line to buy one (he can’t cut the line?!):

Love it, hate it, or anywhere in between… there’s a YouTube video on the iPad that will cater to your opinion.

Yes, the iPad is THE topic for online video right now.  In fact, a simple YouTube search for “iPad” returns over 15,000 videos—pretty impressive for a device that is two days old (and which was only announced a couple months ago).  All this serves to further illustrate online video’s importance in our daily lives.  A new gadget comes out that gets people talking, and video simply explodes on the subject.  Remember a couple years ago when something big like this would “have the entire blogosphere buzzing”?  Well, YouTube is the new blogosphere.

Sure, there are thousands of blogs that are talking about the iPad… we as a society haven’t abandoned the digital printed word just yet.  But in April of 2010… when a cultural phenomenon occurs like the iPad… instead of reaching for their laptops to log into WordPress… people are reaching for their Flip cameras and filming a video reaction to the iPad mania.  It’s a snapshot view of where we currently are, and probably a glimpse of what we can expect more of in the future.

Oh, and I can’t let the opportunity slip past without mentioning that if you want to blog about the iPad or film a video about the iPad, you’ll probably need a non-iPad device to do it, since typing on the iPad appears to be difficult and shooting video with it is flat-out impossible.  :)