There are, of course, something like eleventy-billion (I’ll have to check if that number is real) iOS apps in the Apple App Store, and quite a few apps for video.  There are a lot of people out there who would like to make a movie with their iPhone, since it shoots pretty awesome HD video and it’s right there in their pocket.  So what kinds of iOS video apps are out there to make a video masterpiece?  We found 43, but there are certainly more. The following list will help get you started and then some (click on the links immediately below to jump to categories).

iOS Video Editing Apps

Need a program to edit the video on your iPhone?  These will do the trick.  While none of these are going to blow you away with capabilities and replace your Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere suite anytime soon, they are decent for basic editing.  And if you’re shooting video on an iPhone and want to quickly edit something simple, you have a pretty good set of choices here.

Pinnacle Studio (free)

Description in App Store: Swiftly arrange your clips in the Storyboard, make precision edits using the Timeline, and add high-quality transitions, effects, and a soundtrack. Enjoy 1080p output support and share your movie directly to YouTube, Facebook, Box and more—or export your project to Pinnacle® Studio for the PC and continue editing with even more advanced tools.

Splice ($3.99)

Description in App Store: Splice together HD photos and videos in an amazingly simple way. Add music tracks from your iPod library, sound effects, transitions, borders, effects (like Ken Burns, slow motion and fast forward), trim video and audio, narrate with your own voice, and much more.

iMovie ($4.99)

Description in App Store: Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips. Browse and play projects in the Marquee view. Create spectacular trailers and thrilling home movies in minutes.* And share your finished projects with the world — right from iMovie.

ReelDirector ($1.99)

Description in App Store: ReelDirector is the 1st and the most feature rich, powerful video editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Click on the link above to see how many features ReelDirector touts.

Video Editor+ ($1.99)

Description in App Store: The FAST and EASY TO USE video editor that let’s you TRIM, MERGE, and SHARE your video clips!

Click on the link above to see the features.

Video Edit ($2.99)

Description in App Store: Video Edit is the FASTEST way to edit and render videos on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Now with background uploading of movies to Facebook & YouTube!

iOS Video Editing Companion Apps

Sometimes, you’d like to add some titles or credits…or maybe even some stock footage to your video.  Intro Designer and Extras for iMovie give you the ability to add text to your videos, while Video Clips lets you add stock footage.

Intro Designer ($2.99)

Description in App Store: INTRO DESIGNER is the perfect companion for your favorite video editor, like iMovie.  Make beautiful HD intro movies, openers, end credits, announcements and more, using our professional and stunning templates. In just three steps: Choose – Customize – Export , you can create special intros and then join with your videos using your favorite video editor. Easy like that.

Extras for iMovie ($0.99)

Description in App Store: The must-have companion for iMovie! Add text, titles and scrolling credits to your iMovie videos, as well as find millions of HD backgrounds, photos, clip art, and emoticons to use in your videos.

Video Clips (Free)

Description in App Store: The world’s first video stock footage app for iPad & iPhone. License stock footage with an in app purchase then edit in iMovie, Final Cut, Avid or Reel Director.

iOS Apps for Camera Enhancements & Effects

The camera on any iOS device isn’t exactly the most capable video camera at your disposal.  It doesn’t zoom on its own and it gives you pretty much point-and-shoot capabilities.  Well, there are several apps that will allow you to zoom, or add effects, while you shoot.

Top Camera ($2.99)

Description in App Store: It combines features found in numerous camera apps and a few unique features and displays them in a no-nonsense, easy to use interface that allows you to concentrate on your creative side. An excellent HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature, VIDEO RECORDING, amazing SLOW SHUTTER mode and the use of FOLDERS for file management make it unique. Folders, sharing, editing and effects add a whole different dimension you enter when you are finished in the full-featured shooting mode.

Camera Genius ($2.99)

Description in App Store: What camera would be complete without a video mode? Capture videos and even zoom in and out on your subjects while recording, just like a real video camera!

Camera+ Pro ($1.99)

Description in App Store: Camera Plus Pro’s simple interface allows you to quickly shoot, edit, manage, and share photos and videos. All with incredible speed and full screen live photo and video filters so you can preview before you shoot!

iMajiCam2 (£ 0.69)

Description in App Store (abridged): Record videos with live real-time video effects with HD 720p video recording. With one click of a button, you can now transform an ordinary object into a work of art!  Twist and warp the world into strange new shapes… or give that photo an Old Film look… or turn your face into a Sketch!

8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99)

Description in App Store: 8mm Vintage Camera brings your iPhone and iPod Touch back in time to capture the beauty and magic of old school vintage movies. By mixing and matching films and lenses, you can recreate the atmosphere of those bygone eras with 56 timeless retro looks. Dust & scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, frame jitters – all can be instantly added with a single tap or swipe.

VideoCam 3D (Free)

Description in App Store: Create your own 3D videos – or convert your old videos to 3D right in your hand! VideoCam3D is the only app that allows you to both make new 3D videos and turn old, 2D videos into 3D.

Cartoon the World (Free)

Description in App Store: This simple app turns your camera view into a cartoon.  Watch live as everything becomes cartooned.  Take photos, record videos, and edit existing photos.

Social/Sharing iOS Video Apps

YouTube (Free)

Description in App Store: Watch the world’s videos and keep up with your favorite YouTube channels with the official YouTube app for iOS. Sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, uploads and more.

Vimeo (Free)

Description in App Store: We packed all the best parts of Vimeo into one simple app, and now we’ve made that app better than ever. Upload, edit, manage, and watch your videos right on your iPhone, and, if you need inspiration, discover great videos based on your interests through our meticulously curated and eyeball-pleasing Channels.

Magisto Magical Video Editor (Free)

Description in App Store: Magisto turns your iPhone into the smartest video camera ever. Just shoot plain videos and Magisto turns them into beautifully edited & produced movies automatically, minutes after the videos were shot! Magisto uses unprecedented Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze and understand your plain videos and then turns them into memorable Movies.

Socialcam Video Camera (Free)

Description in App Store: Socialcam is the easiest way to capture, share and view videos on your iPhone. Now with vintage video filters, custom titles, and soundtracks!

Viddy (Free)

Description in App Store: Viddy is a simple way for anyone to capture, beautify, and share videos with the world!

► Click here to watch our video review about Viddy

HighlightCam Social Video Editor (Free)

Description in App Store: HighlightCam is a stunning new app that turns all your favorite photos and videos into amazing, high quality movies at the mere touch of a button. HighlightCam draws from the best content in your clips and edits them together with astonishing quality.

Klip Video Sharing (Free)

Description in App Store: Klips are short videos that are fun to preview and quick to watch. Create beautiful klips by applying effects to your videos. Capture and store videos of unlimited length on your device and enjoy unlimited uploads for free. Share videos on Klip, on Facebook, on Twitter, via email, via SMS or syndicate your video to YouTube. Klip also has the best, and most fully integrated, private video sharing experience on mobile.

Vyclone (Free)

Description in App Store: Now you can mix film taken on your iPhone with footage taken by other people filming the same events. Just shoot something with your friends; Vyclone does the rest. In a few moments it synchronizes and edits everyone’s clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together. You get the raw footage too. So if you like, you can remix it to make your own director’s cut. And when you’re happy with your masterpiece, Vyclone makes it easy to share.

iOS Apps for Video Effects/Enhancements

Videolicious (Free)

Description in App Store:  Instantly combine your videos, photos, music and stories into a stunning movie masterpiece. Just talk and tap to create the perfect video. Super fast and easy movie making — now with incredible cinematic filters!

Game Your Video ($1.99)

Description in App Store: Game your Video brings you LIVE motion effects, fun audio transformations and gorgeous video filters to make stunning videos a child’s play. You can also select videos from Camera Roll and apply a plethora of effects while they are playing.

Silent Film Director ($2.99)

Description in App Store: Create amazing vintage videos in minutes. You can add music, title cards, transitions, effects and more.

TiltShift Video ($1.99)

Description in App Store: TiltShift Video App uses the processing power of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to easily apply the Tilt-Shift effect to your videos.

VideoGrade Color Editor for Video ($4.99)

Description in App Store: VideoGrade allows you to modify several different settings to improve your videos or to change dramatically their look.

Slowmo ($0.99)

Description in App Store: Time warp your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 video.
Create both slow motion and fast motion videos with your iPhone. No video quality degradation no matter how many times you adjust speed.

Gun Movie FX (Free)

Description in App Store: Gun Movie FX is for anyone who wants to add realistic gun flashes, blood and sound to video taken with your device’s video camera.

Vibop ($1.99)

Description in App Store: With just a few touches, you can turn your video into a movie with personalized photo intros, captions, video effects, music and more.

Studio iOS Apps

MovieSlate ($24.99)

Description in App Store: “MovieSlate™ is the the Rolls-Royce of slates” says This convenient, all-in-one digital slate, clapper board, shot log, and notepad is used for film, TV, documentaries, music videos, and interviews. This professional production tool is the easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot— saving you valuable time later when capturing/editing footage, and creating reports. All at a mere fraction of a bulky digital clapperboard’s cost.

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Video Camera ($19.99)

Description in App Store: Shoot, Edit and Share. Easy enough for a beginner. Powerful enough for a professional. VIDEO CAMERA by i4software® puts a video studio in your pocket!

Click link above for all the features.

Green Screen Mobile (Free)

Description in App Store: This app uses a special effect known as Chroma Key to replace a standard green screen with a variety of images. Most importantly your voice will be synced with the video allowing you to use it in other editing software or share on the fly.

Pictures Into Video/Videos Into Pictures

VideoPix: Video Frame Capture & Slow Motion Player ($0.99)

Description in App Store (abridged): Grab perfectly timed pictures from videos in seconds.  Replay video with sound in slow motion, normal rate, or fast motion; pause, navigate forward/backward single frame at a time to analyze what’s happening around your favorite scenes in the video.  Watch Slow/fast motion playback on an external display connected to compatible iOS device using VGA or HDMI adaptor.

Moving Photos ($1.99)

Description in App Store: Show your photo to family or friends and watch their amazement as you or someone within the photo starts to move!

Fotoslides ($1.99)

Description in App Store:  You can convert your photos into beautiful high quality video album in QT supported format along with background music and share with your friends and family in just a few seconds.

Instructional iOS Video Apps

Coach My Video (Free)

Description in App Store: REAL-TIME Video-Instruction: Provide IMMEDIATE, ON-THE-SPOT COACHING. You can instantly REVIEW, ANALYZE & MARK-UP VIDEO to maximize the value of every coachable moment!

Coach’s Eye ($4.99)

Description in App Store: Coach’s Eye provides the most effective way for anyone to coach or learn form and technique. Improve your pitcher’s fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form.

Music for Video iOS Apps

Producer for YouTube (Free)

Description in App Store:  Producer for YouTube provides you with the perfect background music for your videos.

click on link above for features.

iMusicVideo ($2.99)

Description in App Store: This fun app lets you add a soundtrack to any video and share it on facebook, twitter, email, mms, flickr and many more.

Vidify (Free)

Description in App Store: Vidify is the easiest way to make fully edited music videos on the iPhone. Simply pick some video clips from your camera roll, select a soundtrack from our music library or your ipod and in seconds Vidify automatically edits a movie for you set to the soundtrack you chose.

Anything Else?

Many of these apps can also be found on Android, so Android owners can also use many of these.  Any apps you feel I missed?  Leave a comment for updates down the road.