Back in November, we had the pleasure of being the media sponsor for the Kelsey Group’s ILM:08 (Interactive Local Media) conference.   At the conference, we were able to catch up with several online video marketing platforms and online video production services for small and medium sized businesses including Turnhere, MediaMobz, Jivox, Mixpo, WellcomeMat, and several others.  One such service is that of OneTrueMedia’s Spotmixer.  Originally launched in 2005 as an online consumer video editing platform, SpotMixer was relaunched in May of 2008 to focus on self-service video ad creation for SMBs.

I interviewed John Love, Co-Founder and CEO of OneTrueMedia and discussed online video production and online video marketing for SMBs, in particular with SpotMixer.  John talks to us about those categories that Spotmixer sees as early-adopters in the space in terms of SMBs that are gravitating more quickly to online video.

“We are seeing a lot of the image conscious-advertisers such as real estate agents and car dealerships, where they want to use video to tell a very personal story.  It is also perfect for franchisers…”

John also discusses the importance of distribution and video search engine optimization for SMBs that are doing online video marketing.

“Its all about SEO, and effectiveness for the small and medium sized businesses.  And so what we do is we will create the video and allow them to post it on their own website and we make sure that that player is SEO optimized and so their page ranking goes up on their pages.”

Thanks to John for taking the time to speak with us at ReelSEO ;-)