It’s unlikely that Domino’s Pizza deliberately set out to create one of the most awkward ads we’ve ever seen but if they did, then the buzz it’s creating is certainly starting to pay off for them. Posted to YouTube on the 6th March, the video has already attracted 358,955 views (at time of writing) and 2,426 comments, some of which are hilariously NSFW. The video is also making the rounds on sites like Gawker, VentureBeat, Reddit and The Huffington Post and not in a good way.

The Japanese division of the Pizza giant has created an iPhone app that features anime vocaloid pop sensation (yes, that’s an actual thing) Hatsune Mike. The app allows the user to order a pizza, take their picture alongside Hatsune Miku and then turn the fast food packaging into a virtual stage just by pointing the iPhone’s camera at it. That’s some pretty nifty cross promotion – if you’re into your singing anime pop culture humanoids. Unfortunately, the company decided to publicise their new marketing campaign by using Domino’s Japan President Scott Oellkers to front the video, thus making the ad one of the best contenders for the 2013 Sucky Video Awards. Congratulations!

Life too short? Just skip to 1:38 for everything you need to know about this ad. It cannot be unseen.