Innovid Puts Social Network Interactivity in Pre-Roll Video Ads

Innovid earlier this week announced their new interactive pre-roll video ads called, iRoll. That name makes me want to roll my i’s. But hey, I suppose it’s more an i for interactive than hitching on the trend of calling everything iSomething, at least I hope it is. The new iRoll gives advertisers a new set of tools that allow them to create interactive pre-roll advertising campaigns. Basically, the service allows you to take a standard pre-roll campaign and add in more functions. Hit the link to see the list of what they can do.

Through iRoll apps any pre-roll campaign can now include interactive functionality such as: Facebook sharing, coupon downloads, store locator, ticket purchase, twitter follow and many other features, all with the click of a button. Initially, Innovid plans to roll out iRoll apps to existing partners, such as; NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, BrightRoll and Tremor Media, with many more to be announced in the coming weeks.

That certainly does sound like a good reason to hang in for a pre-roll ad. Give me something to do while it’s rolling and you might even keep me around until it’s over. That could certainly do wonders for completion rates on pre-rolls and lower drop off rates for video overall.

The iRoll apps seem to me much like widgets that you can pick and choose and instantly plug into your pre-roll campaign. From what I can see on the product page you click the app you want put in a couple settings (like Twitter/Facebook account URLs) and tooltip text.

It seems to me like a great idea and goes beyond some of the other Interactive pre-roll ads that have been in existence for a couple years. The modular widget-like app plugin setup seems like it could really give Innovid some rapid growth in the market if 3rd party developers and services start getting involved.

Nothing like having others do heavy lifting to help your business succeed right? After all, that’s what you want the consumers to do when you give them share, email, and Tweet buttons, do the advertising for you. This just seems to give them a quick way to do that. If there were say a LeanIn app then people could also leave comments on the pre-roll ads and the video content itself once it was all tied together.

I’ll do some digging into Innovid (or if that’s you feel free to email me with the address just below) and get back to you on it and how it works etc. I’d like to get a hands on demo so I can give you some real examples here at ReelSEO or maybe over at GDN.

For publishers, which we often forget about when talking about online video advertising technology, you can get these ads on your content through ad networks like Brightroll,, SpotX, Tremor Media and TubeMogul and video technology sites like Brightcove, LiveRail, DoubleClick and auditude.