Many studios fret endlessly about how to keep strict control over their most valuable content. That has manifest itself in their unwillingness to allow that content to be dished out to online streaming services. Intel saw a gap and an opportunity and with their new 2nd Generation Intel Core processors, believe they have solved the problem.

The new Sandy Bridge (so much easier to type than 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors) has another nifty piece of tech built in, aside from Quick Sync video which I already talked about.

Check out this video talking about Intel Insider from CES 2011:

Intel Makes You An Insider

Playing off the old Intel Inside logo, the new Intel Insider gives you the inside track to the hottest titles with the highest quality (streams, not content) with full HD and 3D content being able to be streamed and progressively downloaded right to your PC and then streamed from a compatible laptop to your big LCD TV via Intel’s Wi-Di 2.0 (Wireless Display, see below).

What Does Intel Insider Do?

Intel told us it’s not really DRM. But in a sense, it is. How it works is an online service like Best Buy’s CinemaNow or Warner Bros. will include a control point in the service. The service will communicate with your computer and find out if you’ve got a Sandy Bridge CPU, if you do then it will open the top shelf content to you including full HD and 3D. However, if you haven’t got it you’ll only be able to access say 720p content.

Warner Bros was so happy with the technology when they saw it, they stated they would unleash their biggest content in all its HD, 3D glory.

Now, About That Wireless Display 2.0

With a compatible laptop and a TV adapter you can stream all of that high quality content to your living room TV in full HD. You’ll need Intel N and well. Just head to the Intel Wireless Display site for all the details.