Come here you stupid cat, get back in the bag! Oh, hi everyone, I didn’t see you there. Hey, guess what? The Intel CEO, Paul Otellini, spilled the beans, let the cat out of the bag, and er…I know there’s another one.

What did he say? He said, Google TV will be shipping this month. We don’t know exactly what it’s shipping in, set-top boxes from Logitech or TVs and Blu-Ray players from Sony, but he was sure of it. Is Sony using Intel chips? They must be.

This time round, Intel stepped out of their standard hands-off role as simply a hardware provided and also provided up to 50% of the code in Google TV he said while talking with the Wall Street Journal.

When he was talking about Google TV versus Apple TV (Intel NOT Inside), he didn’t say much about the Apple TV initiative, which is now not using Intel chips, but only said it was something his mother would like. Ouch! Considering Mr. Otellini himself is 59, did he just dis Apple TV saying it’s for old people? I mean you figure his mother must be heading toward 80 now.

He also said Google TV was something his son would enjoy. I guess we’ll see if the market itself agrees with what the main Chiphead said. Hey, wouldn’t that be a great electronic band name? Chiphead Said (if you use that as your band name…give me some credit!).

Considering the month is 1/3 over today, we’ve only got 3 weeks, during which to find out if he was right.