As a frequent flyer, do you feel an affiliation with the lowly pigeon? JetBlue is hoping you do, and its new Instagram video ad is full of empathy for the sub-standard snacks and cramped leg room you have to suffer with other airlines. We’re pretty sure the pigeons aren’t 100% real though. In the pick of the other branded Instagram videos, Barbour is about to go color crazy along-side Pantone, Coca-Cola show us that we’re really just one big happy family, and Cirque du Soleil take us through an average day at their office.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

#1 Barbour

We’ve featured Barbour a couple of times for our ‘Best Of’ round-up. It’s a brand that’s commendably active on Instagram and mixes in video content along with some stunning images. When people think of the quintessential Barbour country-wear, racing green and chocolate brown are the colors that usually spring to mind. But the fashion brand is teaming up with Pantone for a new collection that promises to pop.

#2 Coca-Cola

A really simple but visually effective concept from Coca-Cola this week. As one of the truly international brands, the little red and white can is an instantly comforting site, wherever you find yourself in the world. It may not be the healthiest thing to drink, but we all do it, whether we’re based in Bradford, Bangalore, Barcelona or Battambang.

#3 Cirque du Soleil

To keep in shape, both mentally and physically for the 10 shows they do a week, performers with Cirque du Soleil train on a daily basis. Here, we catch a glimpse behind the scenes as the acrobats and artists go through their paces. Dat girl with the hoops.

#4 JetBlue

Pigeons generally get a bad deal, but they take the spotlight in JetBlue’s new ad campaign, acting as a metaphor for the frequent business flyer that often feels they don’t get the respect they deserve. According to JetBlue, the pigeons “draw playful comparisons on how people are treated by other carriers including cramped spaces, limited snacks, flying on someone else’s schedule and the feeling of being ignored”. The ads are airing in New York, Boston and Fort Lauderdale and across social networks including Instagram.

#5 Jaguar

Following the success of their Super Bowl 2014 ad, Jaguar continue to spin the #GoodToBeBad theme with the tag line “the way you sound should command respect”. Are they talking about the engine or the British accent though?