It’s May already so let’s take a look at some of the best branded Instagram videos from the beginning of this month – the ones we liked and the ones that did really well for likes and comments. NatGeo, Nike and The Ellen Show all did extremely well when it came to likes with over 400,000 between their most popular Instavids in just 1 week. In our pick of some of the other branded content on the platform, Burger King encourages us to throw away our trash, Mini banishes the winter blues, and Coca-Cola goes bad-fashion mad at the Kentucky Derby. Thanks to our friends at Shareablee for supplying the data.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week

#1 Burger King

Yes, throwing your trash is the bin should always be encouraged, but it’s extra satisfying to crush up your burger wrapper when it makes this kind of noise. Perhaps fast food outlets should just wrap their product in bubble-wrap for an all round win.

#2 Snoopygrams

I suspect that the clips the Peanuts team use for their Instagram and Vine videos are fairly old (unless anyone can confirm otherwise?). But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be repurposed to fit the current climate. Here’s a surprisingly fresh-looking dance off between the Peanuts characters, minus the ubiquitous twerking.

#3 Mini

Mini are back for the billionth week, this time with a request to banish the winter blues. Love it.

#4 CocaCola

For a horse-racing event, the Kentucky Derby is sure know for its hats these days. While I’m sure no-one goes out wearing a deliberately hideous hat, there were some eye-wateringly bad creations about there and Coke celebrated their own versions of them.

#5 M&M  

Want to win an M-Ball? Have no idea what one of those are but don’t want to miss out anyway? Head over the the M&M Facebook page for your chance to enter the draw.

Top Branded Instagram Videos of the Week – By Brand

#1 NatGeo (4894847 Total Followers) 144558 Likes 3266 Comments

For the second week in a row, NatGeo topped the branded Instagram chart for engagement and likes with this insane clip of pro-climbers @emilyaharrington and @mattsegal tackling #VerdonGorge, Europe’s Grand Canyon.

#2 theellenshow (4797671 Total Followers) 138269 Likes 6482 Comments

Ellen is a big deal on social media – and was even before that iconic tweet taken at the 2014 Oscars. The Ellen Show sent two little poppets called Sophia Grace and Rosie on their way to a full-feature movie and here’s the trailer. Let’s revisit the two darlings via TMZ in a few years.

#3 Nike (4249897 Total Followers) 127915 Likes 2424 Comments

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