For all who may have missed it (i.e. most of us), it was #WorldMilkDay on the 1st June. Luckily, that most delicious of milky accompaniments, the Oreo Cookie, celebrated this momentous occasion in its own unique way. Keeping on the food theme, fast-food brand, Jack in the Box, continues to create unique, quirky short-form video content around its products. This week, its all about the all day breakfast menu, part of a campaign to remind those with a craving that its outlets are open from early morning to late at night. At the other end of the spectrum, high-end champagne retailer Veuve Clicquot gives the humble Instagrammer as taste of glamour.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

#1 Jack in the Box

It sounds like the creative team behind this Instavid had enormous fun recreating the sounds of sunrise and sunset, complete with cockerel and werewolf noises. This branded account is quickly becoming one of our favorites because of its off beat, and quirky content.

#2 Oreo

In celebration of #WorldMilkDay (which is a thing, apparently), Oreo created its very own musical tribute to the drink that goes best with its cookie.

#3 Target

Two clever things going on here. Not only does Target manage to squeeze in plenty of the products available in its stores into this video, it also reaches out to its audience to tag a friend if a road trip is being planned. So far, 3,484 Instagrammers have joined in the fun, inviting others on the site into the action.

#4 Lego

Well, that escalated quickly.

#5 Veuve Clicquot

Champagne retailer Veuve Clicquot has a very active Instagram account, but up until now it’s been populated with image uploads rather than short-form videos. The brand are breaking out though, with two videos in a matter of days. We like the simplicity of this one, which captures all the fun of the 7th VC Polo Classic. Nice twist in the last frame too.