It’s surprising but not too many brands created Instagram video content for the Super Bowl this year. Considering the mind-blowing cost of producing a video ad and the versatility and reach of Instagram, we were sure to see more short-form campaigns. Still, there were some other great clips released, including the welcome return of the Lemon Oreo, a look at the new Adidas “Wear Your Feet” range and a teaser for the TRD Pro Series.

Best Branded Instagrams of the Week

#1 TMobile

“You can do a lot without a contract, just ask Tim Tebow!” T-Mobile take an NFL legend and show what he is capable of, even though he has no contract (phone or otherwise). In a new series of ads, the superstar is shown throwing a football on the moon, delivering a baby and saving puppies from a blazing building. Well played by Tebow and a clever spin by T-Mobile.

#2 Oreo

Oreo is fast becoming the master of short-form content, with their simple yet stunning stop-motion videos. Lemon Oreos are back on the market so the company show us 15 seconds of sunshine in a cookie.

#3 BBC

The BBC’s Intafax service may be new but the news snippets are living up to the hype. This one is perfect. If you didn’t know anything at all about the story in the beginning, you will know everything you need to after 15 seconds. That doesn’t happen by accident. Oh, and I totally want one of those cars.

#4 Snoopygrams

Instagram creator @khoa brings the Peanuts to life for Super Bowl Sunday.

#5 Cadbury

It may be a couple of months until Easter, but Cadbury is already heavily promoting their Creme Egg. These little treats are great to eat on their own but why stop there when you can create a Creme Egg brownie. Non nom nom.

#6 MTV

One Direction may not be the first musical choice of many ReelSEO readers but MTV know their demographic very well. Of course they are going to go all out to say Happy Birthday to frontman Harry Styles.

#7 Adidas Originals

It took me a couple of plays of this video to make sure it was playing properly…..a very eye-catching clip from the Adidas “Feet You Wear” brand, and a high-five for the dial-up track.

#8 ToyotaUSA

The Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro lineup debuts on February 6th at the Chicago Auto Show and Toyota help the hype along with this clip.