Instagram continues to provide us with some fantastically creative branded video content from some of the biggest names in retail and entertainment. In this week’s round-up of our favorites, Snoopygram take to the platform to launch its trailer for the 2015 Peanuts movie, Victoria’s Secret shows us the right way to use their t-shirt bra, Oreo cookies celebrate St Patrick’s Day in their own inimitable way, and Taco Bell teases us with a new breakfast menu, a week ahead of its debut.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

#1 Snoopygrams

The Snoopygram Instagram account is always full of excellent content but we can expect even more in the run up to the new Peanuts movie that’s due for release in November 2015. It’s the first full-length computer-animated film based on the famous Charles Schulz comic strip and here’s the trailer. Poor Charlie Brown. P.S. can anyone tell us which song they used for this?

#2 charity: water

charity: water aim to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need, wherever they are in the world. Animator Rachel Ryle created this ingenious 15 second stop-motion video to ask for donations to the charity in lieu of birthday presents. In exchange, she will create custom artwork & animations for selected participants in her campaign.

#3 ToyotaUSA

As part of its #LetsGoPlaces campaign, ToyotaUSA invites viewers to daydream about where they would drive to in their new Camry. This beautifully animated clip shows the car in an urban setting which doesn’t seem to stretch the imagination that much, we’ll be honest.

#4 Washington Post

The Washington Post has been running a competition for readers to send in their videos and images depicted those marshmallowy treats, Peeps, in a variety of settings. Winners are eligible to win a $200 gift card if their entry is chosen. We are not entirely sure if this King Kong inspired clip is user-generated but we are loving it all the same.

#5 Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has been hawking their #TShirtBra for a while now and here they take another opportunity to show us how it works. Simple yet effective, with a very bouncy (geddit) soundtrack.

#6 Taco Bell

Taco Bell has been all over social media this week to promote their new breakfast menu. We’ve already covered the WaffleTaco on Vine so lets take a minute to appreciate the Cinnabon Delights. OMG, take all our money.

#7 Oreo

Of course Oreo created a special Instagram video for St Patrick’s Day.