Some interesting examples of cross-promotion, and collaboration, in this week’s selection of the best branded Instagram videos of the past seven days. NowThisNews picked up on Oreo’s Instavid for the U.S. soccer team, and now that clip has exposure across multiple-platforms. Monster Energy created a brand-new flavor in honor of motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi, and its video has a potential combined reach of over 1,333,000 Instagram eyeballs. If some brands are still unconvinced about the power of teaming up with another big-name, then just take a look at what is working. See these, and other Instavids that made the grade in terms of content, and performance, in the last week.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

#1 Cornetto

Have just 15 seconds to show as much of your product as possible? Cornetto did, and managed to pack in around 29 cones, we think. You try counting.

#2 Nowthisnews / Oreo

So the World Cup is finally underway, and the USA won their first match yesterday. Even if you’re not a fan of soccer (is that possible?), this little Instavid is a quick history of the team’s jersey. Nice little cross-promotion between NowThisNews, Orea, and US Soccer here.

#3 Lego

Lego describes its Mixels range as “funny, creative creatures made up of the basic building blocks of LEGO matter: Fire, Rock, Electricity and more”. And who are we to argue? Apparently, they are whip-smart at crosswords too, as demonstrated in this endlessly fun stop-motion clip.

#4 Samsung Mobile

Samsung again took to Instagram as part of its video marketing campaign around the launch of the Tab S.

#5 Monster Energy

See, Instagram can be educational as well as fun. I had no idea motorcycle ace Valentino Rossi’s nickname was ‘The Doctor’ but thanks to Monster Energy’s clip, I do now. The brand has worked with Rossi for years, and now it has produced a one-off flavor in his honor.

Top Instagram Videos by Fan Engagement

These are the three branded Instagram videos that have attracted the most engagement in terms of likes, and, comments, in the last seven days. Many thanks to our friends at Shareablee for the stats.

#1 NatGeo

With 5,434,405 Instagram followers, you can expect the engagement for anything that NatGeo puts out to be high. This video, capturing the he first female ascent of the Karts formation tower in Enshi Grand Canyon National Park in China, attracted over 165,000 likes!

#2 GoPro

GoPro attracted 127,030 likes, and 2,206 comments for this 15 second look at Brazil.

#3 FC Barcelona

One of Europe’s most glamorous and celebrated soccer teams, Barcelona let the fans in on some training at Camp Nou. Not the most exciting Instagram video ever, although 98,000 followers took the time to like it.