Did you know that along with Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, America also celebrated National Beverage Day last week? Although it didn’t draw crowds out on to the streets, it was quietly acknowledged online, and BurgerKing released its own little tribute – complete with a late 1970’s disco theme. Elsewhere, Oreo critiqued the fashion at the Met Ball, Mini showed us how it can do anything, even make the perfect cup of tea, and Ford gave a voice to a child’s imagination when it came to designing the absolutely perfect car for his mom for Mother’s Day.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week

#1 Oreo

A slightly more subtle approach to the short-form Instavid from Oreo this week. So subtle in fact, that I almost gave up watching around the 10 second mark because I thought they’d uploaded the wrong video.

#2 Jack in the Box

Jack in the Boxes’ new Blazin’ Chicken product is apparently so fiery on the tongue that customers need to be warned about it beforehand. The brand illustrated the point with a very simple, but very funny, stop-motion clip.

#3 BurgerKing

Another fast food brand makes it into the top 5. BurgerKing’s celebration of National Beverage Day is fun and upbeat but what disco balls and a Chic soundtrack have to do with it is anyone’s guess.

#4 Mini

As an internationally recognized British brand, you just know that the Mini makes a mean cup of tea, and here’s the proof.

#5 Ford

Not too many brands produced Instagram video content for Mother’s Day but Ford has been running a neat little campaign that envisages the types of super-car that kids think their moms really want. Here, Marcus’s mother gets the full time-machine, rocket-booster treatment for her perfect mode of transport.

Top Branded Instagram Videos of the Week – By Brand

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