Non-fans of the Super Bowl will be delighted to see that there is absolutely no related content in this week’s pick of the best branded Instagram videos. Instead, we have David Beckham being very macho and daring in his underpants, Cadbury whipping up a scrumptious chocolate cake for Facebook’s 10th birthday, a Mercedes C63 noisily roaring around a snowy test track, the BBC’s video snapshot of the reaction to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Ralph Lauren kitting up TeamUSA’s most important member.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week

#1 H&M

David Beckham has been working with fashion retailer H&M for some time, and apparently his ‘Bodywear’ collection is phenomenally successful. This week, he takes yet another opportunity to show off his branded undercrackers.


#2 Barbour

Barbour may be the quintessential English brand (or is that David Beckham, see above) but it is at home anywhere in the world. Here is a short, waxed, ladies jacket on its jollies in New York.


#3 Cadbury

Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday this week so of course Cadbury turned on its KitchenAid mixer and whipped up a lovely chocolate cake to celebrate. Yum.


#4 JetBlue

Horrendous weather conditions on the East Coast of the U.S. have called for desperate measures. JetBlue filmed the de-icing of one of their planes at Logan airport, Boston. Eeeek.


#5 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren kitted out TeamUSA for the Sochi Winter Olympics and they didn’t want to leave Polo Bear out. Adorable.


#6 BBC news

A short, but poignant Instafax capturing the reaction of the general public to the unexpected death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.


#7 Mercedes

Oh my word, look at the high speed drifting of the C63 AMG. Shot while the car was doing around 140 km/h at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy in Hailaer, China. Audio essential for the skiddy noises.