If you could ask the new Mini anything, would asking whether it could twerk be at the top of your list? Apparently it was for someone, and Mini obliged with a neat little demonstration of its skills in that department. In our selection of some of the other best branded Instagram videos of the past week, James Franco gets to smolder a lot in the new ad for Gucci’s sunglasses collection, Starbucks gives us a quick break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to focus on tea for a few seconds, and Ben & Jerry’s shows us what happiness looks like when you get a free ice cream.

 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

#1 Mini

Apparently, the Mini’s ability to twerk was called into question so the company made a quick 15 second video to show just how much junk in the trunk the little car actually has. As part of the #asktheNEWMINI challenge we’d like it to show us the best way to apply eyeliner.

#2 Ben & Jerry’s

‘Free Cone Day’ from Ben & Jerry’s has been an annual institution since 1979, and 2014 saw hundreds of thousands of ice cream fans queue up to get their free scoop. Just the sort of event made for short-form video marketing – just point a camera at people smiling about your fantastic product. Did you know that employees of Ben & Jerry’s get three free pints of ice cream per day, EVERY day. It’s no surprise that other incentives for the company include a free gym membership.

#3 Gucci

Actor and polymath James Franco is the star of this week’s Gucci ad. Franco is no stranger to Instagram himself (although he could probably have done without the latest publicity) but here he lends his smoldering looks to the Gucci Techno Color Collection. Yum.

#4 Starbucks

Tea is the best drink of the day, FACT. And, well done Starbucks for getting the tea/milk ratio just right here but we will have to deduct points for not serving it in a proper cup and saucer.

#5 Snoopygrams

Snoopy is the naughtiest, sassiest dog in the world sometimes and here he is again, giving Charlie Brown the runaround. We’re not sure whether the 20,668 likes this Instagram video got was for Snoopy’s attitude or in support of his owner.