Get ready for the last Instagram Video round-up before FIFA 2014 starts in 2 days time, because it may be the last chance you have a soccer-free selection for at least four weeks. That’s not to say we don’t have any sports-related content of course. ESPN has been turning highlights of the sporting week into works of art, literally. Creator Richard Swarbrick has transformed Chris Bosh’s exploits on the basketball court into mini masterpieces, and they are enough to make even the most disinterested appreciate the beauty in an amazing athletic performance. Other Instagram videos we loved include a cheeky video from Virgin America about why you need to clear your search history, the extra option you get from Burger King while speed-dating, the sound of summer from Coca-Cola, and the sound of a beautiful V8 engine from Mercedes-Benz.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Last 7 Days

#1 Burger King

The hashtag #Bae seems to have taken over Twitter lately, and Burger King takes advantage with its speed-dating inspired 15-second clip.

#2 Coca-Cola

It is June, so I guess we can safely say that summer is on its way. Those who love their soda know there is no better feeling than an ice-cold glass of the fizzy stuff on a hot day, and Coke celebrate with an Instavid that captures that quintessential sound of a bottle opening – #tsssssssssss


ESPN’s description of the following Instagram is “Chris Bosh was masterful in the 4th quarter. Now, his clutch three has been turned into art.”. I have literally no idea what it means, but this animation by Richard Swarbrick attracted 20k+ likes from fans.

#4 Virgin America

Virgin America launches its new website with a very cheeky little Instagram about getting caught in the act online.

#5 Mercedes-Benz

Apparently, Mercedes-Benz fans are all of a flutter over the #CLS500 #V8 engine, so the company provided some much need #CarPorn in the shape of some rev action.