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Maybelline vs. MAC – What Will YouTube Beauty Vloggers Be Wearing on Date Night?

You may have heard of top beauty vloggers like Michelle Phan, but there are tens of thousands of other women on YouTube who are also making videos about similar topics. These videos can range anywhere from a few views to millions of views. Octoly took at look at the data on earned media for beauty brands.

‘First Kiss’ Goes Super Viral, Revealed as Branded Video Ad

'First Kiss' has generated 27 million views in just a couple of days but how many viewers would have taken the time to watch it had they known in advance that it was in fact a video ad for a clothing company? Admittedly, a brilliant, highly-shareable one, but an ad all the same.

Video Production: Basic Lighting Tips for Fashion and Beauty Shoots

Learn some new lighting techniques and modifiers or brush up on some basics with Karl Taylor who gives us some reasoning behind certain lighting rig uses in his work. Have you got your own favorite lighting rigs and setup or tips and tricks?

New Old Spice Ads Ask Men to Take a Good Look at Themselves

If a friend sends you a link to check out flavoring for your soul patch, or where to buy a t-shirt that can hide your body fat and give you great muscle definition at the same time, then click on it and watch the latest video ads from Old Spice.

Top YouTuber Michelle Phan Gets Her Own Makeup Brand

Michelle Phan released a makeup brand all her own, after two years of development. While many YouTubers have seen a new level of interest generated by TV deals, Phan's new makeup line shows there are plenty of other ways to say, "I've arrived!"

Dove Real Beauty Sketches Most Viewed Online Ad of All Time

Dove's Real Beauty Sketches is the most-viewed online ad of all time, according to Unruly. It's also the most shared of 2013 and the third most-shared of all time. Dove tapped into an emotional subject and really delivered the goods, and it's one of video's shining moments.