While there are only 30.2 million Indian Internet users who are watching videos, yet they are watching astounding numbers of videos. They are consuming on average 58 videos each totaling about 5 hours per month. Sure, it’s not the 178M, 14.6 hours in the US but taking into account things like widespread broadband, economic factors, etc. they even out a bit.

Google dominated Indian online video viewing as well with 101 minuter per viewer and 785.4M videos. However, Network 18 topped Google with 109 minutes per viewer. After that you’re looking at the 50 minuter per viewer range of Dailymotion and MIPS.tv which allows you to create a channel and broadcast live via Flash Media Encoder.

Of course, by Google, they really mean YouTube which was 780.7 million videos, representing 44.5 percent of all videos viewed in India and 99.4% of videos at Google sites.

Top Video Properties in India**Based on Total Unique Viewers
January 2011
Total India Audience, Age 15+ Home & Work Locations*
Total Unique Viewers (000)Videos (000)Minutes per Viewer
Total Internet : Total Audience30,1551,755,186302.8
Google Sites23,563785,417101.0
Yahoo! Sites2,84310,96013.0
Network 181,2295,525109.0
Rediff.com India Ltd8612,9305.0
Microsoft Sites8454,89020.2

In comparison to the other major global markets for online video India has the fourth largest online video viewing audience but a much lower % reach of the web population and hours per viewer.

The US of course leads the way in total unique viewers (155M), the UK takes hours per viewer (18.3) and the US took the largest % reach of the web population in the country (85.2%). Singapore is hot on video with 10.7 hours per viewer but only 2.3M viewers, a full 81.4% of their web population. Brazil is also with 84.8% reach, 7.7 hours for each of its 34.4M viewers.

Online Video Overview Across Select Markets
January 2011
Total Audience, Age 15+ Home & Work Locations*
Total Unique Viewers (000)Hours per Viewer% Reach Web Pop
United States154,29215.885.2%
United Kingdom31,91418.382.5%