Today has been a geographical look at video: Mergers in China, YouTube Trends has a map showing the popular videos around the U.S., and also, India’s online video consumption in March of 2013 has doubled the amount from March of 2011.  India watched 3.7 billion videos in March, which beats the 1.8 billion two years ago.  Why is this?  The number of unique viewers has increased 69 percent and they are watching more minutes of video than ever, up 28 percent.  Now it’s time to look at some graphs.  How does India break it down?

India’s Online Video Numbers

Here are the cool stats.  You’ll also notice that the sheer number of videos has increased.  So it’s not just that more people are watching–more people are watching more videos and spending more time doing so.

Video Views India Comscore 2013

I think you’ll find India gets their videos much like we in the U.S. do, with Google sites (or YouTube, for our purposes here), Facebook, and Yahoo! in the top 3:

Video Properties India Comscore 2013

Over 31 million people watched YouTube in March, so it looks like their reach continues to be quite powerful.  A total of 54 million people in India watched any video.  It’s about 4 percent of the population, though.  In the U.S., about half of us watch videos, but that probably has to do with the fact that most videos are tailor-made for us.  As more and more interest in video picks up in other countries, the more video that will be produced by those countries, for those countries.

Anyway, it looks like India is like most of the rest of the world: they love them some video, and it’s increasing dramatically every year.